Schau Mich Nicht So An


Iva is a single parent who embarks on an intimate relationship with her neighbor Hedi, falling in love with her. When Iva’s father Sepp appears Hedi begins an affair with him. Iva discovers their relationship, shattering her fragile character. Hedi, too, is confronted with the consequences of her actions for the first time in her life.

Year: 2015
Length: 88 Minutes

Director: Uisenma Borchu
Director of Photography:
Sven Zellner

With: Uisenma Borchu, Catrina Stemmer, Josef Bierbichler, Anne-Marie Weisz

Screenplay: Uisenma Borchu
Christine Schorr, Uisenma Borchu
Production Design:
Markus Dicklhuber
Costume Design:
Tschagsalmaa Borchuu
Steffen Müller, Jesus Casquette Gonzales, Boris Steffen, Udo Steinhauser, Lukas Baier, Jakob Tauber, Daniel Bärschneider
Sound Editing:
Gerhard Auer, Andreas Goldbrunner
Production Management:
Martin Kosok

Produced by: DREIFILM
Zorro Film GmbH

Bavarian Film Awards 2016 - Winner Best Direction - Young Film
Munich Film Festival 2015 - Winner FIPRESCI Prize
First Steps Award 2015 - Nominee
Osaka Asian Film Festival 2016 - Winner Most Promising Talent Award, Nominee Grand Prix
Taipei Film Festival 2016 - Winner International New Talent Competition - Grand Prize
Tallinn Black Nights Film Festival 2015 - Nominee Tridens Award
REC Festival Tarragona 2015
Filmkunsttage Sachsen-Anhalt 2015
Vilnius International Film Festival 2015
Oslo Internasjonale Filmfestival 2015
Singapore International Film Festival 2015
Hong Kong International Film Festival 2015