Regretting Motherhood


As in many countries, motherhood in Germany is still something sacred. This makes it almost impossible for women to question the status quo, to openly and honestly talk about what it means to be a mother. In 2015 Germany launched a debate on "Regretting Motherhood". This is the first documentary film, that gives women the chance to talk about their feelings and experiences freely and anonymously.

Year: 2017
18 Min.

Director: Felizitas Hoffmann & Merle Grimme 
Director of Photography:
Felix Pflieger & Thomas Spitschka

Producer: Julian Anselmino & Marie Freund

Produced by: DREIFILM

Filmschoolfest Munich 2017
24th Etiuda & Amina Krak√≥w 2017
Internationale Kurzfilmwoche Regensburg 2017
DOK.fest - - marketplace, 2016, Projects Young Filmmakers Award, Finalist