Can there be change beyond one's own self realization? Director Florian Seufert sends a fictitious version of himself from his actual home in the German countryside to the Méxican high mountains where he tries to live with the indigenous Huicholes. Dreams, blood and tears hint at the chance for a real transformation.

Year: 2018
82 min.

Director: Florian Seufert
Director of Photography:
Moritz Tessendorf
Samuel Penderbayne
Florian Seufert, Raffaela Then

Dramaturgy: Raffaela Then
Florian Seufert
Sound Design:
Rodolfo Silveiria
Project Supervision:
Carlos Reygadas

With: Florian Seufert, Raffaela Then, Hans & Marion Seufert, Nicolo, Anna & Lena Foddis, Gerhard & Siglinde Seufert, Diego Pérez Lombardini, Florentino Lopéz de la Cruz de la Cruz, Feliciano Domingo & the Huichol Community of La Laguna

Visions du Réel 2018 (Burning Lights Competition)
Guanajuato Int. Film Festival 2018 (International Competition)
Vilnius International Film Festival (European Debut Competition)
International Festival Signes De Nuit Bangkok

Produced by: DREIFILM / Pronoia / HFF Munich