La Palma


Sanne's and Markus' relationship is in crisis. They go on holiday together, but accidentally fly to the wrong island. There, in desperation, they break into an empty holiday home and embark on a role-play using new identities. At first, the game is an exciting rediscovery of their relationship, but it becomes increasingly destructive as they force themselves into archaic roles. LA PALMA is a humorous drama about the opportunity for relationships in today's age of boundless freedom.

Year: 2019
88 min.

Writer/Director: Erec Brehmer
Director of Photography:
Julian Krubasik
Art Director:
Marcel Beranek
David Reichelt 
Julian Anselmino, Alexa Haag

Editing: Clifford Palmer
Marie von Federlin, Charlotte Ehrlicher
On set sound:
Jannik Flieger

With: Marlen Lohse, Daniel Sträßer, Michael Tregor, Angelika Bender, Uwe Kosubek, Claire Leenaers, Jesper Ankarfeldt,  Janina Schauer, Albert Meisl, Antú Schauer, Dani Alvarez, Carlos Manuel Ramos Castr

Produced by: DREIFILM / HFF Munich / Enróllate Films
Four Guys

Max-Ophüls-Preis 2019
Film d'Aubagne 2019

Theatrical release: June 2020

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