In Deinen Augen


An abandoned gravel pit near the French border is the final destination for the last journey of Hanne and her younger brother Max. After long illness, Max passed away in the old family caravan, in which Hanne broke away with him. Grief, despair and shock define the moments in which Hanne says goodbye to her late brother. She realizes she will never look him in the eyes again.

Year: 2020
Length: 7 min.

Writer & Director: Nikolaus Kohler
Director of Photography:
Niko Knoblauch

Jorid Lukaczik, Moritz Rauch

Gaffer: Luca Rieger 
Nikolaus Kohler
Production Design: 
Nina Gausling
Makeup & Styling:
 Caterina Veronesi

Xenia Richter

Produced by: DREIFILM