Der Ausflug


The village girl Anna meets Andrzej and Joanna, a rich couple from Warsaw. Ingenious and driven by the desire to live a different life, Anna decides to help the couple to find the ruin they are searching for. On the journey together, the poor girl turns out soon to be a "better" Joanna. Instinctively Anna fills more and more the role of Joanna and becomes an existential threat for her.

WALL is a thriller about rich and poor - and the self-destructive pursuit for freedom.

Year: 2018
106 min.

Director: Bartosz Grudziecki
Director of Photography:
Tim Kuhn

With: Anna Ilczuk, Katarzyna Wajda, Piotr Domalewski

Screenplay: Bartosz Grudziecki
Irena Siedlar
Music by:
Tymoteusz Witczak
Costume Design:
Loretta Schoberer
Oleg Dimitrov
Production Management:
Martin Kosok

Produced by: DREIFILM / HFF Munich

32. Int. Braunschweig Film Festival 2018
30. Festival Finále Plzeň 2019
23. Sofia International Film Festival 2019
19. New Horizons Int. Film Festival Wroclaw 2019